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Services in the Grandhotel Brno

Grandhotel Brno, the luxury hotel in the city center is offering wide range of services, which can be useful for you within your private or business visits in this Moravian metropolis.


In our hotel in Brno besides the accommodation and conference services we are glad to help you with organizing wedding ceremonies or gala dinners. Traditionally are in the grandhotel Brno areas organized wine tastings from all over the world, for which the hotel restaurant is the ideal place. This space can be also used for company or family party’s, company events in Brno, company team buildings or for example gala dinners in Brno.

Grandhotel Brno - front view

Fitness centre – Grandhotel Brno

Fitness Center | Grandhotel BrnoWe understand your need to stay fit on the road. We understand the benefits of working out to reduce stress, burn calories and keep some equilibrium and balance in your work life and that is why we opened for you fully new fitness center in our luxury hotel in Brno city center.


We like the idea that you come and stay with us, and you leave more rested and recharged than when you arrived.


Our new designed Fitness center is ready for you! Located on the 4th floor, free of charge; admission provided by key card available at the frontdesk, twenty-four-seven.


Grandhotel Brno - front view

Sauna in Grandhotel Brno

Sauna | Grandhotel Brno

Visit the sauna in our stylish hotel in Brno.  Regular sauna visit has very positive influence on our body.


Picking the new power and the well doing change between hot temperature and cooling down intensive unbind while your blood circulation and material swapping stimulate and the skin will be deeply pores cleaned.  Regular sauna visit has very positiv influence on our body, because the immunity system will be stronger and reduces infection, train the heart and blood circulation, unwinds the muscles, activate material swapping easily and streghten the general performance ability.   



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